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Aqua Balance Vitalize 1 ltr


Aqua Balance Vitalize has been developed by Aqua Source Products Ltd to strengthen the natural immune system of fish therefore improving resistance to pathogens and your Koi & pond fish thrive whilst also maintaining a healthy pond.


Vitalize contains a combination of natural ingredients including vitamins and Aloe Vera and can help your fish recover from stressful factors such as netting and transportation, changes in pH and also after adding medication to a pond. It can also aid recovery from wounds and ulcers.


Vitalize will also neutralise potassium permanganate and therefore very useful if your fish shows signs of distress after a treatment.



20ml per 1000 ltrs will neutralise pottasium permanganate. A further 20ml per 1000 ltrs will clear the water from brown to clear.

Dosage for dechlorination is 20 ml per 1000 ltrs of water replaced.

Standard dosage for general use id 100 ml per 2000 litres.


2.5 litres treats 50,000 litres (10,998 UK Gallons).

Aqua Balance Vitalize 1 ltr

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