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Filtreau Combi 50-XL Drum Filter


The Filtreau Combi 50-XL drum filter is a low maintenance filtration system that ensures healthy, clear water with low maintenance without the need for daily maintenance by the user. The completeley automatically contolled drum filter, combined with the moving bed/biological chamber makes the filter suitable for (Koi) ponds up to a whopping 80,000 litres.


The system comes standard with 4 inlets (110mm) and 3 outlets (110mm). This allows for a water flow rate of as much as 50m³ per hour to be achieved.


Includes 2 x 40W amalgam UVC and internal wash pump.


Can be pump or gravity fed - please specify when ordering.



Length: 126cm

Width: 73cm

Height: 100cm

Filtreau Combi 50-XL Drum Filter

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