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Kockney Koi Platinum 8000 Filter


The fibreglass filter is suitable for goldfish ponds up to 8,000 litres with 300 inches of goldfish or a 5,000 litre Koi pond with 75 inches of Koi. The total surface area of the media included is greater than 20m² which creates a substantially greater internal area for bio-mass to thrive. 


Flow Rate: 3,000 litres per hour to a max flow rate of 6,000 litres per hour.


Kit contains:

  • 3 piece foam set (coarse, medium & fine)
  • 1 x filter wadding
  • 1 x Blue (Japanese) matting
  • 1 x carbon impregnated foam
  • 10 litres of Kintama biological filter media


Also available:

Platinum 8000 including 15W UV.

Platinum 8000 including 25W UV.

Kockney Koi Platinum 8000 Filter

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