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Nexus Eazypod Air 


"A low priced smaller version of the Nexus Eazy, the world's number-one professional koi filtration system."

"The Eazy Pod is the complete mechanical and biological filter system for garden ponds up to 20,000 litres or koi ponds up to 10,000 litres...."

   Designed and created due to unprecedented demand
   Very eazy to install and operate
   Utilising proven Nexus Eazy cleaning system combined with Kaldnes K1
   Gives incredibly 'GIN clear' water
   Quick and eazy cleaning cycle with no wet
     or dirty hands - JUST TURN AIR VALVE
   Complete with adjustable rubber connectors
   Small filter - only 23 inches tall AND WIDE (585mm)
   Works equally well pump or gravity fed


   Ideal as a complete filter on a quarantine system


   As A pre-filter, polisher or on a skimmer
     line, a great all rounder!

SpecificationEazy Pod
Max Feed Rate100g per day
Max Flow Rate10,000 litres/hr
2,200 UK gallons/hr
2,640 US gallons/hr
Kaldnes media30 litres
Max pond size
for ornamental fish
20,000 litres
4,400 UK gallons
5,333 US gallons
RecommendedAirpump 70
Max pond size for koi10,000 litres
2,200 UK gallons
2,666 US gallons

(recommended pond turn-over rate every 2 hours when used as complete filtration system)

Evolution Aqua (EA) Eazypod Air

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