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New Nexus Eazy 220

"The Nexus 220, Evolution Aqua's world leading filtration system has now got better. Incorporating the industry proven Kaldnes Moving Bed coupled with the exceptional New Eazy mechanical filter. Combined they provide outstanding water clarity and quality. It is extremely 'Eazy' and pleasurable to clean." 

"The Nexus 220 is a cleverly combined mechanical and biological filter creating an effective, high performance filtration system for all sizes of pond. It has and continues to revolutionise the way ponds are filtered. The Nexus combined with the New Eazy, means there really is no competition regarding price and what it will achieve."

SpecificationEazy 220Eazy 320
Max Flow Rate10,000 litres/hr
2,200 UK gallons/hr
2,640 US gallons/hr
13,000 litres/hr
2,859 UK gallons/hr
3,431 US gallons/hr
Kaldness Media50 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy100 ltrs bio/40 ltrs Eazy
Max Capacity150 ltrs bio/30 ltrs Eazy300 ltrs bio/40 ltrs Eazy
Max Pondsize18,000 litres
4,000 UK gallons
4,800 US gallons
34,000 litres
7,500 UK gallons
9,000 US gallons
Volume of water in filter112 UK gallons
510 litres
135 US gallons
185UK gallons
840 litres
222 US gallons

Evolution Aqua (EA) Nexus 220

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