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Filtreau Combi Drum 3000


The Filtreau Combi Drum 3000 is a low maintenance self cleaning drum filter suitable for ponds up to 30,000 litres. The biological chamber can be filled with Japanese matting or moving bed media such as K1 or K+ filter media and is equipped with a Hi-Oxi air stone and 12mm air hose and quick connector.


The drum has a 120 micron screen mesh panel, integrated 40w high output immersion UVC and built-in high-pressure rinse pump (750w. 4 Bar). Uses approximately 4 litres of water for cleaning. 


The electric motor is protected by an automatic friction clutch. The unit includes a control box to connect all electrical equipment. The system will automatically switch into 'safety mode' when the water level inside the filter gets too low in gravity fed units or too high in pump fed units.


The Filtreau Combi Drum 3000 is available pump fed or gravity fed (please specify when ordering).

Filtreau Combi Drum 3000

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