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Kusuri Potassium Permanganate 250g 


Another popular powdered chemical for various applications.


A good disinfectant for ponds and nets. Excellent for the eradication of Trichodina & Costia, and other parasites. It will discolour water for up to 7 days, and can be used down to 10 C. At higher temperatures it can remove some oxygen from water, so it is advisable to keep an airstone running within the treatment/quarantine tank. 


We supply a very fine crystalline grade which is far easier to dissolve.



6.8gms per 1000 gallons. We do not recommend the use of this chemical as a bath treatment. 


Please ensure that you read,understand and follow, all safety guidelines included with your chemical product. 


Please do not eat,drink or smoke whilst handling chemicals. Wear disposable vinyl or latex gloves and appropriate eye protection.

Kusuri Potassium Permanganate 250g

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