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Oase Filtoclear 16000

Innovative, effective pressure filter range with integrated UVC-clarifier. Extremely user-friendly thanks to "Easy-Clean-Technology". Sealed pressure container – thus the filters can be almost completely buried in the ground and can supply higher-elevation watercourses. Polluted water is pumped into a sealed, enclosed system, where a working pressure of 5 m head height can be built up. Improved clarification thanks to a highgloss finish stainless steel facing in the interior of the UVC clarifier.

The Oase Filtoclear pressurised pond filter range of filters have a valve that allows you to flush the filter clean without taking it apart and there is a handle that lets you squash the foam filters to remove more of the sludge.

Suitable for ponds with a maximum capacity of 2,200 gallons.

Oase Filtoclear 16000

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