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The Oase FiltoClear 31000 premium pressure filter is highly effective at cleaning ponds up to 31,000 litres in capacity thanks to the fine structure of the filter sponges and powerful integral 60w UVC. The latest generation FiltoClear models feature upgraded, highly effective UV lamps for perfectly clear water which can be changed whilst the unit is running with no need to switch off the filter or even remove the quartz glass. The filter also utilises Oase Bypass technology to create a high flow rate that makes blockages a thing of the past.

The FiltoClear range of pressure filters are equipped with the unique and user friendly "Oase-Easy-Clean-Technology" which makes cleaning quick and easy without the need to open the filter. Thanks to their pressurised design the Oase FiltoClear Filters can easily be integrated into the surrounding landscape as they can be partially buried and covered with the optional decorative Oase FiltoClear FiltoCap Rock Covers making them virtually invisible.

The Oase FiltoClear 31000 filter is manufactured from from high quality, impact resistant materials and comes backed by a 2+1=3 year Oase request guarantee.



UVC Power - 60w

No. of blue foams - 2

No. of red foams - 2

No. of purple foams - 1

Inlet connection - 38mm / 50mm

Outlet connection - 38mm / 50mm

Waste connection - 38mm / 50mm

Max flow rate - 17,000 lph

Max operating pressure - 0.2 bar

Cable length - 5m

Oase Filtoclear 31000

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