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The Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC 20000 Pump is now available with remote control that enables you to easily adjust your pond pump flow capacity.

The remote control enables you to switch your pump on/off and set the water flow rate of your Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC 20000 Pump to the required level of flow rate. This is the most economical to run pond pump as the slower the flow rate, the less wattage your pump uses.

These great economic to run, energy efficient Superfish Pond ECO Plus RC 20000 pumps are suitable for dry-mounting and submerged use.

The pump is equipped with Run Dry Protection, 10 seconds after being taken away from water, the water pump will stop to protect it from running dry, it will try to re start after 10 seconds, if without water, it will stop again, this cycle will repeat 5 times, then the pump will stop. To re-start the pump take plug from main and plug back in and ensure pump is working well.

The pump has a thermal overload safety device. In the event of any overheating of the motor, this device automatically switches off the pump. The cooling time is roughly 15 to 20 minutes, then the pump automatically comes on again. If the overload cutout is tripped, it is essential to identify and deal with the cause of the overheating. 



Variable Performance:

Stage 1 - 11000 lph / 2.5m max head / 64 watt

Stage 2 - 11900 lph / 3.0m max head / 72 watt

Stage 3 - 12800 lph / 3.4m max head / 80 watt

Stage 4 - 13700 lph / 3.8m max head / 88 watt

Stage 5 - 14600 lph / 4.2m max head / 97 watt

Stage 6 - 15500 lph / 4.6m max head / 105 watt

Stage 7 - 16400 lph / 5.0m max head / 113 watt

Stage 8 - 17300 lph / 5.3m max head / 122 watt

Stage 9 - 18200 lph / 5.7m max head / 131 watt

Stage 10 - 19500 lph / 6.0m max head / 150 watt

Outlet: 40mm / 50mm

Superfish Pond Eco Plus RC 20000

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